Fuel Conditioning Systems

Fuel Hygiene

In recent years at Fuel Storage Systems we have seen a great increase in the need for fuel conditioning systems. With bio diesel being introduced within standard diesel fuel this has led to the increased need for companies to take every measure possible to avoid fuel contamination.

Contaminated fuel inside storage tanks can lead to filter blockages and pump failures in some cases leading to big repair bills. Storage tanks particularly those with low usage do become prone to microbes and bugs with the need for regular fuel tank cleaning programmes or fixed fuel polishing systems a must in most cases. 

Fuel Conditioning Systems

Our conditioning kits will suit tanks of up to 65,000 litres on an automatically pre-set timer moving the fuel content around at a rate of 5,000 litres per day. when the flow pressure drops below a set limit the flow switch automatically closes and an alarm sounds to indicate a filter requires changing, this can also be linked to a remote warning device. An important part of this set up is the presence of a Pure Fuel Pre Filter which will break down the CFU'S allowing them to pass through filter and then are consumed by the engine in combustion. 

Fuel Tank Cleaning

Keeping your storage tanks clean and well maintained are just part of the responsibility that comes with ownership of these facilities. A regular tank clean cleaning programme will help to protect tank components, eliminate the risk of cross-contamination, help to extend the working life of your tank and all that will save you time and money in the long run. 

Fuel Conditioning Systems and Services

Fuel Conditioning Systems

Fuel Conditioning Systems

  • Circulates & prevents degradation of fuel inside storage tanks.
  • Passes through a pre filter fuel conditioner to prevent microbial growth.
  • Fuel is automatically circulated on a pre set timer moving the fuel content around at a rate of 5,000 litres per day 
  • Can be linked to our remote warning device.
  • External alarm outputs, rated at 230VAC 10A max.
  • For use with Diesel & Gas Oil.
  • Features a 230V pump unit, inlet strainer, fuel conditioner, flow switch, filter clogged warning light, timer & mains junction box.
  • Mounted on a wall/tank mounting plate.
  • Weatherproof for outdoor use.
  • Optional particle & water filter.
  • storage tanks up to 65,000L (5,000 litres per day).

CC Jensen Fuel Polishing Systems

CC Jensen Fuel Polishing System

  •  Models: 15-25/27-27
  • Flow Rate Up to 90 L/min 
  • Frame Stainless Steel 
  • Finish Brushed 
  • Voltage 240 VAC ± 5% 
  • Frequency 50 Hz ± 2% 
  • Current 6 Amps 
  • Switch Overload contactor 
  • Power 1.38 KW 
  • Overload 4-10 Amp 
  • Pump Self priming volumetric rotating vane pump 
  • Duty Cycle Continuous 
  • Noise Level <70dB @ 1 meter 
  • Motor Protection Thermal overload protection 
  • Primary filtration Filter cell for particulate & solid contamination to 18/16/13 or better 
  • Bypass (Pump) 38 psi (2.6 bar) 
  • Filter Indicator Panel indicator / xenon beacon 
  • Pressure 6 bar max 

Fuel Sampling & Testing

Fuel Sampling and Testing

  • Our APT test measures the quality of living cells in a 500ml fuel sample.
  • The test measures the total quantity of microbiological activity.
  • The test must be completed within 48hrs of the sample being taken otherwise the test is inaccurate.
  • You then receive a test report on the contamination level, giving a traffic light warning sequence along with recommendations: Green: Low < 10pg/ml, Amber: medium < 100pg/ml, Red: high > 100pg/ml.
  • Our test procedures follow ASTM D7463‑08 ‑ Standard test method for Adenosine Triphosphate (cATP) content of micro‑organisms in fuel, fuel/water mixtures & fuel associated water.

Duplex Filters

Duplex Fuel Filters

  • Available as 1", 1 1/2" & 2" outlets.
  • Suitable for Diesel, Gas Oil and Bio-diesel up to B30.
  •  The duplex valve feature allows for cleaning or replacement of one filter without interrupting the other filter (i.e. continuous flow) 
  •  Magnetic inserts are optional to help eliminate metallic ferrous particles. 
  •  Unlike other types of strainer, the basket is removed and replaced through the top of the strainer body which prevents the spilling of liquid during the servicing of the strainer screen. 
  • Max working pressure 14 Bar.

Tank Cleaning

Fuel Storage Tank Cleaning

  • Manned or unmanned tank entry.
  • Above or below ground storage tanks.
  • Suitable for Diesel, Gas Oil, Petrol, Bio Fuels, Kerosene and Oil.
  • Full detailed report on completion.
  • Confined space trained operatives.

Pure Fuel Pre-Filter

Pure Fuel Pre-Filter

  •  Fuel conditioners break down the CFUs to less than 1 micron, the dormant microbes will not produce a colony & at 1 micron are small enough to pass through filters. These microbes will be consumed by vehicles engine during combustion.
  • Fuel conditioners provide a safe & natural way of fighting microbial contamination, helping to keep fuel in top condition 
  • This is the perfect PureFuel Pre‑filter Conditioner for fitting to fuel dispensers.
  • Requires no power & little maintenance.
  • For use with Diesel, Gas Oil and Bio-diesel up to B100
  • Weight: 1.2kgs.
  • Dimensions:129mm dia. body x 53mm thick.
  • Fixing centres: 155.6mm.
  • Port to port dimensions: 130mm.
  • Fits on the suction inlet of cabinet pumps in place of flex connector.


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