Precision Fuel Tank Gauges and Controls

Gauging Equipment

FSS install fuel storage tank gauges, telemetry & control equipment to suit every budget and a variety of liquids. We provide options for high precision level monitoring, water detection and remote monitoring which can be access by our easy to use web portal.



The accuracy of your fuel storage tank gauges can make a huge difference. Take as an example a 40,000 litre capacity fuel storage tank, the reading on a gauge with an accuracy of +/- 2% could be as much as 800 litres out when the tank is full. The larger the tank capacity the greater the margin for error with regards to level measurement, so the larger the fuel storage tank the greater the need for precision tank gauging.  

EVO Precision Fuel Tank Gauge Series

 A full-color 7” LCD touchscreen serves up one of the most intuitive user interfaces available with simplified user features you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you’re a station owner, technician, or station employee, the patented design presents your inventory and compliance data with an easy-to-understand, easy-to-navigate approach.

T4000 Fuel Tank Controller

The T4000 control unit can be operated as stand alone system with up to 4 switch inputs. Or the unit can be used as a Day Tank Pump Controller ideal for generator fuel systems controlling the fuel flow from bulk to day storage tanks .The controller is IP65 Rated for outdoor use and for Zone 2 if suitable barriers are incorporated into the switch input circuits. 

Fuel Tank Gauge and Control Equipment

EVO Series 200, 400, 550 & 5000

EVO Tank Gauging

  • 7” LCD touch screen display. 
  • Gauge suitable with Petrol, Diesel, Bio Diesel up to B100, Ethanol, Kerosene & Adblue.
  • Inventory reconciliation.
  • Tank auto-calibration. 
  • Turbine pump interface.  
  • Monitors up to 36 tanks. 
  • Monitors up to 96 sensors.
  • High accuracy magnetostrictive probes with water & product sensors. 
  • Storage tank & line leak detection.
  • Internal & external printer options.
  • Web interface enables remote access.
  • High/low product, water, and temperature alarm set points
  • Alarm notifications issued via email, SMS.
  • Back-up generator monitoring with fuel flow control.
  • 4-20 ma input channels and relay output channels.
  • Approvals - UL, cUL, ATEX, IECEx.
  • Power supply 240V or 110V. 

EVO Sensors

Fuel Discriminating  Sensors

  • Tamper Proof - Movement Sensitive.
  •  Uses magnetic float switches to detect liquid at two levels.
  •  Innovative polymer strip detects hydrocarbons along sensor and floating on water.
  • Compatible with fuels and chemicals.
  • Detects liquid at 38 mm from base.
  • Indicates hydrocarbons on sensor and floating on water.
  • Digitally encoded status information sent from microcomputer to console.
  • Alarms to indicate liquid in sump, hydrocarbon detected, sump is full and sensor malfunction.

EVO Pro Connect

EVO Gauging Remote Log In

  • Web based real time data to any web enabled device.
  • Automatically scales for mobile and tablets meaning no app is required.
  • Reports can be custom-scheduled, displayed, printed or emailed at specific times.
  • Centralised control of all assets.
  • Stock can be monitored to accurately order deliveries.
  • Deliveries can be forecast from inventory usage.    

OLE Z5020 & Z2000 Fuel Tank Gauges

OLE Z5020 Tank Gauge

  • Electronic display with high and low level alarms.
  • ATEX certified. 
  • Gauge suitable with Petrol, Diesel, Bio Diesel up to B100, Kerosene & Adblue.
  • Accuracy up to +/- 0.25%.
  • Includes 4-20mA output & Modbus RS485. (can be connected to BMS)
  • Weather proof to IP55.
  • Electronic pressure sensor probe.
  • Option for remote monitoring. 
  • Option for fuel management interface.
  • Option for relay board with 4 x volt free outputs.
  • Power supply 230V,110V or 24VDC.     

T4000 Fuel Tank Controller

OLE T4000 Tank Controller

  • Pump control capabilities. 
  • 4 digital inputs. normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC)
  • ATEX approved zone 2.
  • IP65 rated and are suitable for outdoor use.
  • Operated as stand alone, with up to 4 switch inputs.
  • Inputs can be from cabled float switches B8 or from rigid probes G1X  series. 
  • Power supply 230V,110V or 24VDC.     

DTA 10 Fuel Tank Gauge

DTA 10  Battery Operated Tank Gauge

  • Electronic display with High and Low Level Alarms.
  • Gauge suitable with Diesel, Bio Diesel up to B100, Kerosene & Adblue.
  • Accuracy +/- 1%.
  • Power supply – 9V battery. 

Watchman Sonic Oil Tank Gauge

Watchman Sonic Oil Tank Gauge

  • Easy wireless gauge installation with sensor transmitting to an indoor transmitter. 
  • Up to 200M line of sight range.
  • Suitable with Diesel, Bio Diesel up to B100, Kerosene & Adblue.
  • Suitable for steel and plastic tanks.
  • Requires 13amp sockets for the indoor receiver. 

Float Operated Tank Gauge

Afrisco Float Operated Tank Gauge

  • Suitable with Diesel, Bio Diesel up to B100, Kerosene & Adblue. 
  • Fully adjustable. 
  • Dial face reads 0-100 %
  • Mounts directly into 1 ½” – 2” tank connection.  


EVO Series (pdf)


Z5020 ATEX Gauge (pdf)


Z2000 ATEX Gauge (pdf)


T4000 Tank Controller (pdf)


DTA 10-Battery Gauge (pdf)


Watchman Level Gauge (pdf)